ABOUT THE SHOW: A documentary series about life in a coffee shop...who, why and other. Caffeine helps people "chirp" and it's cheaper at home but, at the shop, one gets to meet and greet who else is "...on the wire". It's a social event allowing any degree of participation. Birds On A Wire is a hosted by local retired friends Richard & Sandy and broadcast live from the back of MT Coffee Traders where guests are encouraged to chirp with the hosts.


Sandy has just hit a mile stone in his life by turning 70 this year. He is a vibrant man with two young kids that he says are the driving force that keeps him young; body and mind.  He has a long history of wearing many hats ranging from building his first house in Jamaica, W.I. at the age of 24 to being a Hollywood producer for over 30 years.  Additional careers include, banker, developer, actor, writer, father, visionary, sculpture, educator and now radio host. He has always followed his heart throughout his life and that is why he is often seen with a smile.