What's coming for WCR in 2015

Since moving to the studio in November things have started picking up momentum. We have 3 volunteer music programmers with 5 unique shows being produced and a couple more who have expressed interested. That's fantastic growth for such a short time period! I'm really proud of our 3 volunteers and the pride they have shown in producing unique and awesome content that can fill a void for the community.

So what do we have in store for 2015? One of the most important improvements we are making for 2015 is buying a second microphone. This may be a boring detail but it will yield exciting results. It will allow us to conduct interviews with community leaders, bands, and produce shows with multiple hosts. 

On that note, we will soon start producing a weekly 1 hour long community spotlight show which will feature community leaders, representatives for upcoming community events, local bands, or just something/someone the local community will find informative or interesting. If you would like to be featured on this show or have ideas on who or what we should feature please send an email to info@whitefishcommunityradio.com.

I have a tentative start date for this show for the 3rd week in January but hopefully we can get it up and going before then. If you would like to help produce this show or possibly be the person to conduct these interviews it would be welcome help so please contact us if you are interested. 

Online request. This is something I worked on a lot in December but wasn't able to finish. Soon we will allow listeners to search and request songs from the WCR database during certain times. The online requests will only work during times of the day that there is not a live DJ.

If you want to submit a request to a DJ you can still send them an email through our request system and it will be up to them if your request fits their format.

Swag. There is no solid timeline for this, however it is coming. Most likely hats, shirts, and stickers but requests for other items will be taken into consideration. Coffee mugs anyone? This will help us raise money and awareness about WCR. If you haven't told your friends about WCR, what are you waiting for! 

A couple other small things will be website improvements with a reworked homepage and working to shore up the 10 different designs of the logo and decide on one and then make them consistent across all platforms.

Lastly we will be working hard to recruit new volunteers who want their voice to be heard. More volunteers producing more diverse content for the community will be our most important step in growth. If you want to become part of the WCR team head on over to whitefishcommunityradio.com/volunteer and sign up.

If you like what we are doing here at WCR and would like to help us succeed but don't have the time to volunteer please consider donating to our project. We have worked hard to bring the community something they can be proud of at a low cost so every dollar has a huge impact. We are a registered Non-Profit with the state of Montana and are pending 501(c)(3) status from the IRS (which will make your donations tax deductible once the status is approved). Donations can be accepted online at whitefishcommunityradio.com/donate. We can also accept donations in person if you wanted to first come down to the station to check us out.

Whew......we have a lot of work to do.....

Happy 2015. Stay Tuned for an awesome year at WCR.