What's in a name?

Why is Whitefish Community Radio called Whitefish Community Radio? I struggled with naming the radio station since the inception of the community radio idea. The valley is a big place with vibrant communities in Kalispell, Columbia Falls, Bigfork, Lakeside, West Glacier, and of course the canyon folk. I'm surely to offend all of these communities by claiming Whitefish as the center of the valley universe. 

Two years ago I had never heard of Whitefish, MT. The first time I had heard of Whitefish I was searching for my next stop in my quest for the "Perfect" mountain town and saw Whitefish in the 2012 Ski Town Throwdown from Powder magazine. What was this white...fish. Why was it named after a fish. That looks really close to Canada. So without ever visiting I decided to move to Whitefish in June 2013 and see what was up. 

What I found is that Whitefish didn't just meet my expectations it exceeded them. For a "tourist town" there is an amazing community. Everyone seemed to know each other or was excited to meet new people. Whitefish was love at first sight. After living in Whitefish for over a year now I have been able to get out and see and experience the other vibrant communities of the valley. There are fun things to do all over the valley with each community being unique

So why not just call the station Flathead Valley Community Radio or maybe just The Valley? One reason is that it's already taken. Another is as much a we don't want to admit it Whitefish is the heart of the Valley. It's where the Great Northern railroad has ran through since 1904. It's where over 65 years ago the town itself took a gamble and built a resort on Big Mountain. If I'm having a bad day I can walk down to the the beach on Whitefish Lake and feel the cool breeze on my face. I can later walk downtown and meetup with some friends for a beer and some great music. Whitefish has just a little bit of everything that makes it the heart of this community in Northwest Montana. 

So I decided on Whitefish Community Radio and like Whitefish, the station will be a small sample of all the great communities here in Northwest Montana. I'm hoping the whole community will embrace this little project and help it grow. We will strive to provide content that represents all the unique communities in the valley and hope everyone tunes in to hear what's going on.