Broadcasting Vinyl Night LIVE from Bonsai Brewing every Thursday 6-8PM.

Vinyl is in fact NOT dead. Bonsai Brewing Project hosts rotating DJ's every Thursday night from 6-8PM who play a variety of music on your dad's old record player and WCR has teamed up with Bonsai to broadcast their vinyl nights!

If for some reason you cannot personally be at Bonsai to enjoy a brew at vinyl night; perhaps because you have to work, you hit your 3 beer limit at 4PM, payday isn't until Friday and you have $2 in the bank, you are being forced to attend your nephew's birthday party (why not have it at Bonsai?), you (or your wife/girlfriend) is currently in labor, you're allergic to beer, you have accidentally locked yourself in a meat cooler......again, or maybe you happen to be currently getting mauled by a bear, or maybe your just got off work and are on your way. Whatever it is tune into WCR to check out Vinyl Nights Live on WCR......and after the bear is finished mauling you make sure to stop by Bonsai to fill up the growler.