GeekFAQs is a radio show that covers the geek culture with a panel made up of card carrying geeks! Be it movies, games, books, & gadgets - if it's even remotely geeky we'll cover it! We'll take calls, read emails, discuss, and debate classic geek battles such as: Who shot first - Han or Greedo? Marvel, DC or Cross over battles where they battle each other! Who would win?! GeekFAQs is on every Sunday at noon. Listen in and let your geek flag fly!


Matt Fehlman:

Matt was born and raised in Syracuse, N.Y., and is a recent transplant to the Flathead Valley in Montana. As a child of the 80's, Matt was exposed early on to a great many geeky type things. Star Wars, Nintendo, Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, Saturday morning cartoons - and the list goes on. He soaked them all in and developed an unending thirst for action, adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, and more. He grew up with the classics and now exposes his own kids to the same culture. He loves going to the movies with his family to see the hot new blockbusters, or play all those great new video games that keep on coming. He is very active in the online gamers community called Steam. He and several good friends are constantly getting into discussions about geek culture - and now they are bringing it to a radio near you! Matt hopes this radio show will grow into a large scale format where friends can come together and talk about everything that makes the geek culture so great!


Adam Nelson: 

Adam was born and raised right here in the valley.  Though he hails from Columbia Falls, he considers it only part of his bigger home the Flathead Valley.  Ever since he was a child, he was fascinated with technology and how things worked.  This fascination grew even deeper when his parents purchased a Personal Computer in the 80s.  Technology fueled his fascination, and has still not been completely satiated yet.  He is and has been the owner of a local computer service, Nelson Technologies and Support (NTS),  for over 16 years.  They are currently located in the heart of Columbia Falls.  He has an affinity toward most things geek, and has a deep love of science and technology.  Though he has passion about many things, he feels it is important to temper that passion from becoming too extreme within any one particular vein.  He is also a talented musician, and enjoys playing with musicians across the Valley.  He plays a variety of instruments, and also produces and writes some of his own material.



Dallas was born and raised in Kalispell Mt. As a young child, his father introduced him to Batman 66, Star Trek, Firefly, and many old classic movies including Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars. This created a love of movies and television that cannot be contained, and which later extended to other avenues. Books, video games, and graphic novels soon become another love, with everything from scifi to fantasy.


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