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ABOUT THE HOST: Get Familiar Radio is hosted by WCR's own Justin Phillips.  When he's not making music of his own he writes the station's weekly "Justin's Review" on recent album releases.  Justin's also conducted two interviews that have gained attention on a national level.  His first was with Jonathan Diener (former drummer of "The Swellers" now drummer for "Braidedveins" and lead vocalist/bassist of "Baggage").  His second was Jeremy Scott (co-founder and the voice behind the popular YouTube channel "CinemaSins" who's also the author of the best-selling book "The Ables").

ABOUT THE SHOW: Get Familar Radio focuses on music not seldom heard on radio in the Flathead Valley.  Genres vary from Indie, Alternative, Punk, Jazz and more.  Get Familiar Radio aims to shed a light on music that deserves to be heard and for people to well...get familiar with!