hands like houses: "Dissonants" album review

Australia's Hands Like Houses are the best thing to come out of the country since Heath Ledger.  Yeah, I said it.  This statement has been evidently clear since their 2012 debut album "Ground Dweller".  Since then they've progressed their sound with each release to critical and commercial praise.  On March 19th they released their third record "Dissonants" and it finds Hands Like Houses at the top of their game and not holding anything back.  

I was certain Hands Like Houses couldn't top their 2013 sophomore album "Unimagine" but I was proven wrong, and gladly so.  From the album's fiery opener "I Am" to the rest of the album's 12-song collective, HLH take listeners on a ride they won't soon forget.  Vocalist Trenton Woodley truly shines on this record, taking his voice to new heights that make this reviewer jealous of his vocal range.  From the guitars of Matt Cooper and Alexander Pearson to the driving bass of Joel Tyrrell and INSANE drumming from Matt Parkitny, "Dissonants" is a force to reckon with that you best prepare your ears for!

Songs like "Colourblind" and "New Romantics" really show Hands Like Houses doing what they do best: delivering passionate music and not pulling any punches.  When bands take the time to craft out an album, the time they take truly shows in the end product and each track on "Dissonants" shine as masterpieces in their own right.  Musical chemistry and being on the same music wavelength doesn't hurt either.  Hands Like Houses have all these and a bag of chips which makes their new album their best in my opinion.  Hands down my favorite song on the new album has to be "I Am".  Since it's March 2015 debut I've been hooked and that hook hasn't faded or lost any of it's punch.  There's not a bad song on "Dissonants". 

The very definition of the word "Dissonant" is an adjective, meaning "harsh in sound" and Hands Like Houses take this definition of their album title and put it to work and it pays off.  12 songs of hard punching music that demands your attention.  In the alternative/post-hardcore scene "Dissonants" is one of the most anticipated albums of this year and I'm happy to say the anticipation will not let down fellow fans of this amazing bands that is Hands Like Houses.

Website: http://handslikehouses.net/
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iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dissonants/id1067836904