iggy pop: "Post Pop Depression" album review

No one can deny the legacy of Iggy Pop.  From his solo work, his time in The Stooges to his insane stage antics and even acting, Iggy is a legend in my book.  At 68 years old the man is still performing and doing what he does best.  Most recently he recorded his 17th solo album "Post Pop Depression".  It's not just any Iggy Pop record though and that's what makes it stand out among his decades long career spanding work.  

Recorded in secret throughout 2015 with the help of Joshua Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) and Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders at Homme's studio in Joshua Tree, California, this 9 song album will find you either loving or not understanding it.  That's up for you to decide.  For this reviewer, I welcome this latest chapter in Iggy Pop's discography.  The music visually reflects where it was recorded and the noted contributions from Homme and Helders further push that visual representation through the music (QOTSA and Arctic Monkeys are known for recording most of their music in the desert just outside of LA).  

It would be an injustice to try and label "Post Pop Depression" in any genre.  it's Iggy Pop and that's it!  Iggy's vocal deliverance and lyrics are so passionately on display.  From "American Valhalla" to "Gardenia", Iggy Pop is doing what he wants to and you can't help but respect that.  There's nothing more punk than marching to the beat of your own drummer.  It doesn't hurt if your own drummer is the drummer for Arctic Monkeys!  

Joshua Homme producing "Post Pop Depression" was a great choice, and that's on top of him contributing vocals, bass and guitar to this stellar record.  Homme has an ear for great music and making sure it gets noticed.  When it was first announced this supergroup of sorts was involved with an Iggy Pop record I wasn't concerned, I was excited at what these 3 men could make together and it certainly doesn't disappoint.  It's hard to really pick a favorite song when all 9 are great in their own right but I've been hooked on "Gardenia" for a while now.

There's rumors this might be Iggy Pop's last record.  I hope it isn't true but if it is, he'd be going out on a high note with "Post Pop Depression".  With great collaborations to well done production and deliverance from Iggy and crew, you'll find yourself listening to it on repeat and reading into Iggy's well written lyrics to see what you might have missed the first two or three listens.  "Post Pop Depression" shows Iggy at his prime in an age where most musicians hang up their mics and call it a day.  Not Iggy...not yet at least.  

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