megadeth: "dystopia" album review

I'd be lying if I said I'm a huge fan of Megadeth.  I've got nothing against them or the music they make.  I actually have great respect for Dave Mustaine and all he's accomplished over the decades.  I was recently asked by a person who likes my Whitefish Community Radio page if I'd review Megadeth's new album and I said yes.  In the process of all this I found myself in love with what i was hearing.  This is my review Megadeth's latest album "Dystopia".

It's hard to fathom this is Megadeth's FIFTEENTH album!  Dave Mustaine and company don't hold back despite their well established legacy.  This current lineup of Megadeth is a solid one and a tight knit one at that.  That statement is clear and evident on most of the songs featured in "Dystopia".  Recorded over the span of a few months in 2015 with Mustaine and Chris Rakestraw producing, this 11-song album is a thrash metal ride from beginning to end.  It should be noted that on the album's title track that around the 3 minute mark has to be my favorite part of the whole record.  changing up the pace and key like that and progressing into a spectacular guitar solo is the stuff that makes me love thrash metal as much as I do.  

The album as a whole in it's lyrical content seems to pertain it's relevance to the album's title.  Musically you get the sense of gloom and doom of a dystopian world that Megadeth created.  Lyrically, the songs are as dystopian as they get.  For example on "Death from Within" the lyrics deal heavy on the inevitable wars that follow with mass destruction in a world of darkness.  "A token gift, destroyers deep within its hold.  Revenge of patient men is sweet and best served cold.  The enemy inside the belly of the beast.  A mighty Trojan horse, tonight the sentries sleep."  The meld of music and lyrics on subjects like a dark future, war and death is very well executed and I commend Megadeth and Mustaine highly for doing that so well.  Mustaine as a singer and guitarist has never sounded better, by the way.  The man really outdid himself on this album.

If you're a fan of thrash metal, I think you'll enjoy this record.  If you're a die hard Megadeth fan I'd like to assume this would be some of their best work in recent memory.  For this reviewer who doesn't listen to Megadeth as often as others, I found myself thoroughly impressed with "Dystopia".  I walked into listening to this record with an open mind and found myself loving what I was hearing.  Over 30 years into their career and Megadeth are still going strong and "Dystopia" is a clear indication of that.  Well done, Mustaine.  Well done.

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