Be Local

We want to shrink the world a little and keep you connected with the people you live next to. Your neighbors, family, and others who are passionate about the place they call home. They valley has an amazing community we want to keep you connected where ever you are.

Stay connected

Technology will continue to change and WCR plans to be right there with it. We want you to be able to access your community anywhere, anytime, and with the newest technology. We are currently utilizing smart phone apps to keep you connected. Anywhere you have cell or internet connection means you will be connected to us. In a few years when there is something better we won't be waiting on the sidelines. The connected car is only in it's inception. If you have a connected car that has the TuneIn app you can connect with WCR.

Embrace change

We will be one of the first Internet based Community Radio stations. We see not having the restraints of traditional FM radio as an advantage. We are more free to produce content that is as diverse as the community. We will be free to experiment and try different things. We want to tell everyone's story. 

Small Footprint

We always want to provide to provide the highest quality programming for the lowest possible cost including environmental. We are already ahead of the curve. By being only on the internet we are essentially information carpooling. We do not have expensive tower equipment to buy or maintain. This also keeps our monetary costs significantly lower. Which means we can keep cost low and be able to focus on providing quality content instead of constantly raising money. 

How you can help

We need volunteers show programmers. Anyone who is interested in sharing their passion with the community whether it's talking about cars, food, outdoors, or just playing music for people. Apply HERE