the wonder years: no closer to heaven review

Have you heard of The Wonder Years?  No, no, no...not the show.  Granted it's a great show, but no.  I'm talking about Pennsylvania's "realist pop-punk" band named The Wonder Years.  

Since their formation back in 2005 they have grown a fanbase that has amassed to great numbers not just within the scene they came from, but through old-fashioned word of mouth and staying in contact with their devoted fans.  They've toured the world relentlessly and are a fan favorite and main attraction every time they participate in Vans' Warped Tour, all the meanwhile building that fanbase even more.  You can't beat a band who builds their reputation through a grassroots approach and making great music.  "The Upsides, "Suburbia I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing" and "The Greatest Generation" are among the strongest, emotionally honest albums i've ever heard in my life.

This leads me to the subject of this review, their new album.  "No Closer to Heaven" offers great intense moments followed by moments to catch your breath.  It's a ride that won't require a puke bag.  The band as a whole sound more tight knit with each album release, and "No Closer to Heaven" is no exception.  They really outdid themselves.  

Before you know it, You’ll be screaming along to the lyrics that apply to your life with a chill up and down your spine. THAT’S when you know music has truly hit your heart and soul.

What makes The Wonder Years so unique is Dan "Soupy" Campbell's brutally heartfelt lyrics that are amplified by his incredibly raw, touching way of bringing out said lyrics through his singing.  You hear and feel what he sings.  Whether he talks about suicide or being the best person he's trying to be in a world that demands so much out of us, it's hard NOT to relate to what Dan writes and sings.  Before you know it, You'll be screaming along to the lyrics that apply to your life with a chill up and down your spine.  THAT'S when you know music has truly hit your heart and soul.  THAT'S how The Wonder Years make music, and they wouldn't have it any other way.  

"No Closer to Heaven" not only is another welcomed collection into their growing discography (if you haven't listened to them yet, you should.  i'll provide links below this review.) it very well might be their best album yet.  

In closing, I will not give this album a rating because I feel rating systems are biased and we all have a right to decide what we think sounds great or not.  I'm simply here to review artists, songs, and albums that i feel deserve recognition.  If you've made it this long into the review, thank you!  I hope to make this a consistent contribution to WCR's great reputation for sharing great music.

Essential songs from the album to listen to: Cardinals, I Don't Like Who I Was Then, Cigarettes & Saints

Recommended if you like: Honest, Raw music with a message, New Found Glory, Set Your Goals, The Story So Far, Citizen, Real Friends, and life in general; the good and the bad of it.

Links for The Wonder Years: