seth macfarlane - no one ever tells you review

When you think of Seth MacFarlane your mind instantly goes to what he's most well known for...Family Guy.  Often the center of controversy and staying relevant in all forms of what goes on around us, Family Guy is a big part of MacFarlane's legacy.  There's always more than meets the eye though, and the ears for that matter.  Think back to the countless musical numbers over the show's tenure.  Though comedic, those numbers are always well orchestrated with a solid singing voice in the mix of horns, strings, piano...the whole sha bang.  That voice in most of those songs is none other than Seth MacFarlane.  It's well known he has a lifelong respect and love for the music of Frank Sinatra.  That respect and love is well displayed on MacFarlane's third studio album "No One Ever Tells You".

Following his 2011 debut "Music Is Better Than Words" and 2014's "Holiday for Swing", "No One Ever Tells You" is a welcomed addition to this man's work that spreads beyond cartoons and the controversy that follows.  To many, the fact that MacFarlane is a recording artist and a well respected singer might come as a surprise, but he's the real deal!  Seth MacFarlane takes his music seriously with a passion that carries you from beginning to end on his latest album.

When listening to "No One Ever Tells You", you can't help but compare Seth's singing and vocal performance to Sinatra's signature swagger and presence.  No one would blame you for comparing!  MacFarlane's singing voice has a genuine sound and tone that eerily echoes Ol' Blue Eyes that isn't forced.  It's natural and delivered in such a way that he means every word he says on this 17-song journey.  

"No One Ever Tells You" gives off a sense of beauty that not only can be heard, but can be seen as well through music and lyrics.  The famous Abbey Road Studios has been THE place that has brought out the best in artists who go to record at this historic studio and create landmark, time defying pieces of music (this reviewer is dying to record at least ONE song there *wink wink to Abbey Road Studios*).  Produced and conducted by Joel McNeely at Abbey Road, this album wouldn't have a glimmer of the magic it has without where it was recorded, the conductor, the tight knit orchestra and the man front and center of it all: Seth MacFarlane.

Each song on "No One Ever Tells You" bleeds of emotion singing from lyrics of heartache, love and pain.  Most of the songs featured on this album have been written over the course of the 20th century from the 1920's to the 1950's and have been covered by countless singers.  Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Natalie Cole to name a few.  While every singer interprets these classic songs in their own way, how Seth MacFarlane approached these timeless classics are done with the utmost respect and it shows when he sings.  These classic songs include "I Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out to Dry", "A Ship Without a Sail", "These Foolish Things (Remind Me of You)" and many more.  Most of these songs I wasn't familiar with leading up to listening to "No One Ever Tells You" and I immediately recognize the obvious fact that songs like these aren't written in the 21st century.  MacFarlane shows through his singing a glimmer of beautiful songwriting and musical arrangements the likes we won't see again.

While the vast majority of people will always associate Seth MacFarlane with Family Guy, I genuinely hope people take notice that there's more to this man and that the surprise that he's a truly gifted singer who delivers timeless classics to a generation and time who might not be familiar or might have forgotten the beauty of this music.  From beginning to end "No One Ever Tells You" is genuine with heart and passion to back it up.  Simply put, I can't recommend this album enough!

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