ABOUT THE HOST: Dr. McFunkus is a truth & freedom loving family man. Driven by his love for the truth & armed with historical facts. Dr. McFunkus hangs out in the Flathead Valley with his family & friends. When he's not on the mountain, lakes, or going down the river he can be found at his favorite places Bonsai Brewery &  Buffalo Cafe. 

ABOUT THE SHOW BY Dr. McFunkus: The Matrix is the world that's been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. Music as we know it, over the course of time for the most part has been hijacked. Open Your Mind Time has been created  by Dr. McFunkus to expose the Matrix for what it is and set the record straight.

Join Dr. McFunkus plus a host of guests such as DJ Night Sparrow, Harvey Shankman, William Hendershot, Sonny Larkin, Jack Flakeman,  Ernie McCraken and Bill Lumberg. Open Your Mind Time exposes the matrix paradigm of the global corporate music industry who push, cheese slacker, mind control music on you & your friends, straight from the catacombs of hell. 

Take the red pill with Dr. McFunkus and go down the rabbit hole with his personal vinyl & CD collection of underground, hard to find, obscure & deep heavy rockers, certified trance blues, afrobeats, acid jazz plus his commentary on the compromised and sold out commercial world of music. Dr McFunkus will not be stopped and will never sellout!