Lemolo: red right return review

Music has an ability to evoke vivid imagery and profound emotions.  It takes you to places you never thought existed through the assistance of our imaginations.  Music can also be a bookmark to a moment of time in our lives, be it good or bad, that will always be ingrained in our mind and hearts.  The beauty of music is that it's an endless descriptive/indescribable entity that is essential to our existence in life.  A two piece band from Seattle has managed to encapsulate all of this in such a way that i feel words will fail me, but I'll try my best.

I recently came across Lemolo on their first stop of their National House Show Tour in Bigfork.  Before this meeting I never heard a single song of theirs but something told me on the drive to the hidden destination along the Swan River that I was in for something special and life changing.  When I got there I was greeted by lead vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Meagan Grandall and touring drummer Adrian Centoni.  Never have I met such nice and humble people in my life.  We happened to have mutual friends in common in the form of Michael Benjamin Lerner (the man behind the indie band Telekinesis).  

After sound check we were treated to a lovely home made dinner and I got the chance to talk to Meagan and Adrian.  We exchanged life stories and our own musical accomplishments as well as dream tours.  Little did I know friendships were in the making that I feel will last a lifetime.  Later on they put on a show that took me to a world I never knew.  Their music inspired me and hit my soul to it's core.  I even got up and dance moshed during one of their faster songs.  Lemolo made me forget the world and let me get lost.  If that's not a beautiful thing, I don't know what is.

As a thank you for helping them out throughout the evening I was given their new album "Red Right Return".  Since then it's been on a constant rotation and has quickly become one of my favorite releases of the year.  Today I'll be reviewing said album.

"Red Right Return" is not just a collective set of songs, it's an experience that demands your attention from beginning to end.  Grandall and drummer Emily Westman's tight knit performance is on display in the highest of fashion.  The layers to each song are their own musical landscapes.  I couldn't picture a greater introduction to Lemolo then through "Red Right Return".

"Hold Light" will have your toes tapping and your head bobbing along to Westman's well executed drumming and Grandall's angelic voice so beautifully harmonized alongside the sounds she makes through her keyboard and endless amounts of pedals.  I don't know how she does it.  "Low Halo" has quickly become my favorite thus far because it was the first song I heard them sound check at the house show.  Not just that, but the music's composition compliments the lyrics and the other way around as well.  "Runner" is a steady jog that picks up the pace as the intensity of the music increases.   A perfectly titled song if I do say so myself.

Sometimes we need a reminder that we're more than we know.  "Aglow" reminds me of this.  Lyrics like "Little soldier, you're a warrior.  You just don't know it yet" is a prime example.  "Casting Call" is about a childhood friend of Meagan's.  "Paddling over our heads, the mud went up to our necks.  Sharpening nails against stone, we made a field of our own."  "Casting Call" is one we can all relate to and look back with nostalgia wishing for days like that to return again.  

I could go on and on about Lemolo's new album but I feel it best speaks for itself when listened to from beginning to end.  "Red Right Return" is a warming embrace as the weather continues to get colder.  Grandall and Westman have created a piece of work so noteworthy that it deserves all the acclaim and accolades it gets.  The future looks bright for Lemolo, and "Red Right Return" is a clear indication of that. 

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