foo fighters: saint cecilia EP Review

Foo Fighters in their 20+ year career have proved to be a force to be reckoned with that refuse to conform to what everyone else is doing.  They play by their own rules.  The loud guitars of Dave Grohl, Chris Shiflett and Pat Smear, Nate Mendel's groove-laced bass, Taylor Hawkin's spot-on drumming and Grohl's signature vocals and heartfelt lyrics have cemented them as one of the greatest rock bands around.  Throughout the month of November there was a countodwn clock counting down on their website to...something.  November 23rd comes around and Foo fans we're surprised with the release of the Saint Cecilia EP.

Before I delve into the review I'd like to give a little history lesson that's important to Foo Fighter's EP release.  Saint Cecilia is the patroness of musicians.  On the calender of saints, a feast in honor of her occurs on November 22 every year.  The fact "Saint Cecilia EP" was released around this time was no coincidence and neither is the place the band recorded the 5-song EP.  Recorded between October 1-11 at the Hotel Saint Cecilia in Austin, Texas, "Saint Cecilia" oozes patronage to the Saint herself while making great music in the process in such a short amount of time in the eyes of the 21st century music industry.

"Saint Cecilia" marks another great chapter in the ongoing legacy of Foo Fighters, and a welcomed one at that.  The opening, self-titled track has been stuck in my head since I first heard it.  The chord changes that happens in the chorus will have you hooked.  "I know no matter what I say, days will come and go.  No matter what I say, nothing's set in stone.  No matter what I say, days go by."  True words, am I right?

You can hear the laid-back vibe when listening to this EP.  Originally intended as an impromptu recording session in-between shows during their Broken Leg Tour, the band ended up creating a fun, fast-paced enjoyable piece of work.  "Saint Cecilia" also has a few guest musicians that are like icing to the cake.  Ben Kweller contributed backing vocals on the song "Saint Cecilia" and Austin native/guitar virtuoso Gary Clark Jr. contributed his amazing guitar work on "Iron Rooster".  

5 songs may not seem like a lot, but Foo Fighters make 5 songs into something special.  Not just because of the significance of Saint Cecilia herself, but also this release was noted for being a thank you for the band's loyal fan base as well as a gift of solidarity to those affected by the attacks in Paris 10 days before the EP's release.  As a Foo fan I was not expecting new material for a while following 2014's "Sonic Highways" album, but with "Saint Cecilia EP" I'm sure this will hold fellow Foo fans over until the next album.  Until then, enjoy the EP!  

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