ABOUT THE HOST:  A passion for music and an obligation to share has inspired guitarist/singer/songwriter Scott Free, to bring it to internet radio.
  "Live performance has been a constant in my life and I have loved every minute of it.  Now, I am ready to venture further through radio,  to give my listeners a taste of the unusual."

ABOUT THE SHOW:  Scott Free Forgotten Favorites include a collection of songs seldom played, and often hidden in the shadow of vinyl's B side. These are songs apart from the over played radio hits that numb the senses. From rock to blues, funk, classic country, bluegrass, Motown and jazz, the songs span many eras and are interestingly the ones that coincide with the best times in our lives. Radio hits come and go, but there are many songs which may or may not have made the charts. These are the songs that deserve radio play. Think of it as an audio adventure and let the memories make your day.

 NEXT TO MUSIC:  Humor is a necessity for survival. Scott Free has enough to go around.
"A generous time span in music has made me a thinker, and on the road I've seen a lot.  I've come up with some insights both sage and sardonic, that you will find entertaining on this show such as:  Nights of drinking, dancing and debauchery produce the most amazing musicians. Or:  Acting intelligent doesn't make you intelligent, but it diminishes the probability of being considered an idiot."
Is your life out of tune?  Visit whitefishcommunityradio.com and click on Scott Free Forgotten Favorites. Enjoy!