the suffers - "The suffers" album review

My first encounter of Houston, Texas' The Suffers was a few days ago when they were the spotlight of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.  Before that I had no knowledge of this band, their incredible music and the people who make up this great band.  I sat there in my PJ's totally blown away by what i was hearing.  I was raised on Soul and R&B among the likes of Otis Redding, James Brown and Aretha Franklin to name a few.  When I was watching The Suffers, I was listening to a resurgence of soul music with a kick of originality.

On February 12th The Suffers released their debut self-titled album.  Having your first full length be a self-titled is a bold statement that the band backs with 10 incredible songs to prove that they know who they are as musicians and what their sound is.  You can't help but give them credit for that.  Before the release of their debut album I was unaware of the EP's they released prior.  What really separates this band from others in the soul scene is how they approach their music and the business asepct of it.

"The Suffers" was entirely crowd-funded and personally funded by the band as well as self-released.  In an age where success and notoriety can be achieved without a record label, The Suffers show that with the right sound, band members and musical intentions, you can truly make a name for yourself.  From the opener "Make Some Room" to the closer "Giver" and everything in between, I hear the soul music I've listened to in my life with a breath of something new and original.  A respectful nod to the soul music of the past with eyes toward  the here and now.  It's not an easy feat as a musician to do that, but The Suffers make it seem effortless.

Comprised of vocalist Kim Franklin, bassist Adam Castaneda, guitarists Kevin Bernier and Alex Zamora, saxophonist Cory Wilson, Jon Durbin on the trumpet, Michael Razo on trombone, percussionist Jose Luna, keyboardist Patrick Kelly and Nick Zamora on drums, The Suffers are quite the lineup and all get their time to shine on their debut record.  Often times regardless of musical genre only certain instruments and members get the spotlight.  Not this band though.  This is clear and evident on my favorite song thus far on "The Suffers" which is "Gwan".  From the commanding brass section, Kim Franklin's stellar on point singing, the buildup of intensity brought to you by Zamora and Luna and so much more, I'm left in a state of awe that true soul music is still being made with true soul behind it.

I can promise you The Suffers will be a household name and have a very successful career as time goes on.  Until then, their self-titled debut is a clear statement that The Suffers are a force that dares you to reckon with only to be defeated by the power of the music they make.  I seriously can't recommend this album and this band enough.  Do yourself a favor and GET THIS ALBUM!!!

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